Raison d'Etre

The problem: Pollan's seven simple words of advice that seem so appealing to read about are somewhat trickier to actually implement. I'd love to "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants," and Pollan even has suggestions for where to shop...but between the shopping and the eating, how do I cook this stuff? And how do I make meals out of mostly plants, rather than the typical trio of meat plus starch plus veggie?
The mission: Faced with a fridgeful of whole foods in my post-Pollan kitchen, I will set out to discover what on earth to do with them.

The blog: Any recipes that work are getting written down. My goals:

(1) To write down what I cook, so I can cook it again. I like spontaneously combining ingredients, but something tells me that having a stockpile of recipes to scroll through would increase the number of nights per week that I decide to actually cook, rather than giving up and ordering take-out or picking up "something quick" (read: highly processed) at the store.

(2) To make it easy to share recipes with friends and family members. (This is closely related to goal #1, in that it seems to be quite a bit easier to share recipes when you recall more than two of the ingredients.)

(3) To share some things that worked with anyone else who might be looking to change their diet a bit in this direction but, like me, aren't quite sure what to cook.